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Affordable exhumation services in Kenya

Do you want the remains of your loved one to be removed from their initial resting place to a new location? Well, this could be the right time to think about getting affordable exhumation services in Kenya. In essence, exhumation in Kenya involves the removal of a deceased’s remains (complete or cremated) from the place where they are buried for transfer/burial to an alternative or new grave.

Here is everything you must know about exhumation and the process of having one done in Kenya:

How exhumation is done in Kenya

Exhumation in Kenya is strictly a government-supervised operation. In essence, the exhumation process is performed by adhering to the regulations set by the government, with the supervision of a state official.

Here’s how exhumation is done in Kenya:

  • The family gets a court order approving the exhumation process
  • A government official (police officer) is deployed to the exhumation site
  • The family seeks the people to exhume the remains
    • The people could be from the local community if the deceased did not suffer from a contagious disease upon death
    • The exhumers will be medical officers with protective gears if the deceased died of a contagious disease
  • The family members may be restricted from attending the exhumation process as it may be draining to witness
  • All structures existing above the burial ground like tombstones are removed
  • The exhumers do everything to keep the contents intact (including the coffin)
  • The remains are transported to the government chemist for extraction of samples then buried to the new site

The exhumation process in Kenya is highly demanding as it involves a series of legal battles. You must present the court with tangible reasons that can lead to a body exhumation in Kenya. Well, here are the factors leading to an exhumation in Kenya:

  • Pending criminal investigations requiring additional forensic analyses
  • Need for DNA testing and verification
    • Confirming the deceased’s identity
    • Determining the genealogy of the deceased
  • Family member requesting to relocate their deceased’s grave

Affordable exhumation services in Kenya

Exhumation is a rare process in Kenya. However, there are moments when the process must be conducted. In this case, the deceased’s family or the agency in need of the body must seek for affordable exhumation services, affordable shipping, and storage of the exhumed remains without demeaning the deceased the desired levels of dignity. 

You may access affordable exhumation services in Kenya by requesting the government to undertake the whole operation. Similarly, you may reach out to funeral homes like Montezuma and Lee Funeral Home for affordable exhumation services. They will arrange for affordable shipping and storage of the exhumed remains.

Documentation for exhumation

You must be aware that it is a criminal offense to exhume a body in Kenya without getting permission from the relevant government agencies. You must have proper documentation for exhumation and the necessary approvals before proceeding with the extraction of remains.

Well, here is the list of documentation for exhumation you will need in Keya:

  • Court order for exhumation
  • Approval from the local authorities (Chief, Sub-chief)
  • The deceased’s death certificate
  • The deceased’s burial permit
  • A signed affidavit
  • Approval from the exhuming agency

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