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Benefits of online memorials in Kenya

Family, friends and partners mean the entire world to any Kenyan. Writing a memorial becomes the first thing when any of them passes away. However, there are memories we must retain for a lifetime even when our loved ones are long gone. While some of the memories will bring joy, others are sources of tears and must be preserved. Let read about what are the benefits of online memorials.

Digital dominance, technology reliance, increased use of social media platforms and the internet in Kenya have made it sensible to host an online memorial for those significant individuals who made a positive mark on the life of the departed soul. In essence, online memorials in Kenya have been used to create stories that are more meaningful than conventional obituaries.

But why do a memorial? In particular, why would you choose an online memorial? Well, here’re the benefits of online memorials in Kenya:

  • They offer a unified platform for sharing memories

Kenyans consider death as a key milestone in a loved one’s life. This is the only avenue that brings people together to celebrate a life well-lived.  In essence, online memorials tend to create a common platform in which people- both those who are far and near- to give their stories about the departed soul.

Remember that the pandemic has increased both the physical and emotional distance among people. The world if faced with embargos, lockdowns and restrictions. Kenyans have resorted to the diverse tech-based media to mourn their loved ones and express their feelings. Online memorials have played a crucial role in reigniting the sense of togetherness among Kenyans.

  • Online memorials allow for diversified presentation of stories about the loved one

Unlike the conventional eulogy, online memorials present you with platforms to share your experiences with the deceased in style. You may take advantage of the diverse tools on these platforms to share the deceased’s personality, unique attributes and sense of humor in the period you spent together. You have the opportunity to share your stories through videos, photographs, links, and the charities they were affiliated to.

  • They’ll keep memories about the deceased alive

Memorials have been the center of the Kenyan culture and the epic of the fabric of the Kenyan society. Every Kenyan will have the deep desire to keep the deceased alive by keeping their memories alive and indelible. The stories, pictures and moments we share through online memorials give Kenyan families, communities and societies a shoulder to lean on, a point to anchor to while helping us to sail through difficult moments in life. Online memorials will be available for a lifetime. They help us establish a clear connection of who we are, our origins, and where we are going.

  • They’re significant in preserving our memories

Your head won’t hold everything said about a deceased keen. Remember, they are these memories that make us the true sons and daughters of our homeland- Kenya. The eulogy written on a piece of paper can fade away. The leso, kitenge, and t-shirts you printed to remember a departed soul could suffer both natural and artificial adversities like fires. However, an online memorial will remain as long as the internet exists.

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