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Can Kenya Obituaries Offer Funeral Video and Photography and Other Funeral Products?

A funeral service is the last respect a family can offer to their loved ones. This is the final goodbye and therefore, it should count. At such a time, grief takes over and before you know it, it is all over. It is in such a time that you need people around you, to help you navigate through the process of bidding your loved one a final farewell.

Funeral services are a necessary tradition. They prepare us to let go and learn to live with the absence of one of our own. They should be done right. The moment should be well captured as this can help alleviate the pain of losing a loved one; and in our current times, documenting this moment is essential as some of us are living in the diaspora causing us to miss these last moments of lying our loved ones to eternal rest.

We Understand

As funeral service providers, we are aware of the significance of filming this last ceremony. We want you to mourn your loved one without having to worry about the procession of the funeral service. We will capture this final journey for you, for your relatives who couldn’t make it to the final send off, and for your departed member.

The Filming Package

The services we offer are photography and videography. We recognize that this is a sensitive moment and therefore we will treat it with the utmost respect that it deserves. The pictures that we take will not be intrusive, having your privacy in mind, at all times. We are professionals who will adhere to the theme of creating a beautiful sendoff. The videography will particularly cater for those who couldn’t make it to the service. It will also incorporate pre-recorded messages from far away relatives who wish to speak words of comfort to the closely bereaved.

Be Part of the Experience

As a Funeral Home, we are with you every step of the way. We wish to take off the burden that comes with grief. Saying our final goodbyes gives us closure and helps us to accept what we can’t change. We ensure that we involve the loved ones in the making process because this helps in not only mourning our loved ones but also celebrating the life they lived. You will let us know what you would want featured in the motion pictures or stand-still photography and we shall deliver.

Make the Memories Live Forever

We have made the process of videography and photography seamless. We want to create a long lasting memorial for your loved one. With an online profile dedicated to the ceremony, we can easily customize the moment. We start with the favorite items fancied by our loved one. It could be flowers, horses or the like. Then we can proceed by building up a story, through photos and videos, of a life well-lived. We will ensure a high quality service at an affordable price. We care. We are here for you. We will make sure that this moment counts because you deserve to send off your loved one in the most respectful way.

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