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Connecting with the soul of someone who died

Staying connected with a departed soul could be considered as a crazy topic any time it arises. However, anyone that has had the opportunity to read or hear the story of John Lennon will tell you that there is a strong connection when someone has passed away.  Well, Lennon promised his son Julian that he would appear to him in the form of a white feather just to inform him that he was well. Even though Julian kept this conversation a secret, the reality happened in one of his tours in Australia when an aboriginal tribal leader presented him with a white feather.

Well, for many people, death is a menace that cuts then beautiful connections they established with their loved ones  that may never be recovered. Most of us find it difficult to establish a new connection with the deceased after they are long gone. Nonetheless, the good moments we shared with our loved ones should never end when they depart. You have to find a way to stay connected with your loved one after they have departed.

Our professionals at Kenya Obituaries have developed these five strategies that will help you connect with the deceased:

# Communicate about and with the loved one

Take time to write them letters and tell stories about the moments you shared with them with close family members and strangers. Do it when out are facing challenging moments in life, or when you are celebrating an occasion. Share stories about the deceased on social media

# Practice the values that the deceased embodied

What did your loved one enjoy doing? Was he/she funny, curious or thoughtful? Then try to imitate such keen to reflect what the deceased loved in your everyday activities.

#Wear something that restores the connection

Putting on something that will make you feel connected to the deceased can be a great way of reinstating the bod you had previously established with the loved one. Whether it is an accessory, a gift they gave you or an element of clothing, the whole scenario will bring partial fulfillment and a sense of connection with the deceased. It won’t be weird to dress something that belonged to the deceased considering how special they were in your life.

A part from making you feel closer to the deceased, this act will add you strength and give you the comfort you would get from the loved one if they were alive. It is even more fulfilling when you wear their clothes any time you want to engage in a special event.

# Acknowledge special dates  and events in the deceased’s life

Celebrate the deceased’s birthdays, their death anniversaries, wedding anniversaries and other key dates that mattered in the life of the deceased. Such events will slowly develop into comforting rituals as they will grant you the opportunity to tell stories about the deceased as you express both love and grief for the departed soul. Be open to changes and allow the process to evolve as time passes.

You may also spare a moment out of your busy schedule just to engage in charitable deeds in honor of the departed soul. Organize for fundraisers, charities and running relays they had started before the cruel hand of death took them.

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