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Coping with “No Body” funeral

No death is easy to handle. However, it is more difficult to come to terms with a “nobody” funeral. In particular, the fact that there isn’t a body to mourn should not prevent you from proceeding with the funeral arrangements and conducting a memorial service for the deceased. As Zunin and Zunin (2007) state in their book, The Art of Condolences, serving others in the time of grief could be considered as a personal blessing that needs a lot of time and energy particularly in ‘no body’ funerals.

It is always a great idea to have a meaningful funeral service without the physical presence of a body by incorporating some elements of imagination and ingenuity. Things like the songs the deceased used to enjoy, or places they used to visit can make a great difference when coping up with a ‘no body’ funeral. Here’s the list to adopt when dealing or coping with a “no body” funeral:

Use photomontages

You may decide to share a group of photographs or pictures concerning the deceased’s life using a collage or a photomontage. Also, allow friends and other relatives to bring with them the pieces they want to share about the deceased and mount them on the photomontage. The pieces will come in handy any time the attendees want to re-create the real memories they had with the deceased as if the body is present.

Use displays

Have you ever heard of a shrine? Well, displays/shrines can be very effective in honoring the deceased and creating proper talking points when dealing with a ‘no body’ funeral. Here, you make memories of things that meant a lot to the deceased like clothes, trophies, artworks, sporting events and equipment, books, awards, etc.  Be keen to ensure that the displays are large enough to be considered as the focus point of the “no body” funeral.

Take your time to create a charity work or an event

It is true that creating an event can be time-consuming and very draining. However, they can be very rewarding when dealing with a nobody funeral. You may take your time to honor the deceased by organizing for a beach cleanup, food drive, a 5K, or a clothing drive.

You may combine these events with a fundraiser then donate the proceeds to a charity organization that meant a lot to the deceased’s life. If the deceased was not affiliated with a charity, you may use the money on a program that the diseased liked. Such events are meant to extend the deceased’s legacy and to ensure that their memories live for the longest time.

Dealing with a no body funeral can be a very difficult moment in life.  However, times come when you are presented with no option but to proceed with the funeral arrangement without the physical presence of the deceased’s body. While the process may be hectic, you may decide to adopt the aforementioned options to make the deceased’s soul rejoice. Better still, you may opt for a normal funeral service but this time, with an empty coffin.

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