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Coping with the loss of a pet

Your pet is probably the ‘only’ loyal friend you have. However, there comes a time when you have to bid goodbye after the pet you loved the most dies. Coming to terms with your pet’s death in Kenya can be a very hectic process particularly if you are not affiliated to any pet grieving support group.

Well, here’s everything you must know about coping with the loss of a pet:

How to cope with the loss of a pet

You must know how to cope with the loss of a pet since your favorable hound or kitty will not be with you forever.  Well, here’s how to cope with the loss of a pet:

  • Take your time to grieve the loss- Your pet played a great role both in your life and that of your family members. Grieving will be a must. Here are some strategies to grieve your pet:
    • Be keen to explain the loss of the pet to your children in a way they will understand
    • Give your family some time to grieve
    • Let your family members express their emotions
    • Have a ceremony to honour your pet
    • Get assistance from pet grieving support groups
    • Visit a physiotherapist to explain to you how to cope with the loss of the pet
  • Move forward after the loss- Start the recovery process by:
    • Creating a memory book for your pet
    • Adopt effective self-care and coping mechanisms
    • Volunteer in a local pet shelter
    • Don’t be afraid to get another pet

Pet funerals in Kenya

Holding pet funerals in Kenya is a rare event.  However, experts greatly encourage you to give your bet a befitting funeral when it breathes its last.  In particular, pet funerals in Kenya are meant to help pet owners cope with the loss of their treasured animal buddies.

Is pet funeral offered in Kenya; where?

Yes, pet funeral services are offered in Kenya. However, they are not as elaborate like the pet funeral services offered in western countries. You may opt for a normal burial or cremation when holding pet funerals in Kenya. Better still, you may approach leading funeral homes like Lee Funeral home any time you want to hold pet funerals in Kenya. Similarly, Kenya Obituaries will help you locate a service provider for pet funerals in Kenya.

Pet Grieving support groups

Never treat the death of your pet as the end of your life. You may join pet grieving support groups to help you through the journey. It would be advisable to register as a member in local and international pet grieving support groups that will give you a shoulder to lean on after losing your animal friend.

Here is the list of pet grieving groups you may choose to join

You may also opt for the local community pet groups in your area.

Pet farewell products

 You may go for the following pet farewell products when conducting a burial or cremation of your animal friend:

  • Pet burial caskets
  • Pet memorial stone
  • Pet memorial grave marker
  • Pet memorial ashes casket

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