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Crematoriums in Kenya

A typical burial service in Kenya will be characterized with a series of long speeches, elaborate funerals and most importantly, wailing relatives. Getting these three elements in a relative’s ‘last journey’ will be a clear revelation that the deceased was loved, and will forever remain in the hearts of the people who are left behind.

Nonetheless, people are becoming more adept to new systems as we interact with other foreign cultures all over the globe. Crematoriums have come as a clear replacement of the matangas (funeral services) that were depicted as multi-day gatherings, with deeply held traditions meant to emphasize that the departed souls is …well, not actually dead.

In essence, many Kenyans still treat crematoriums as an Indian thing and a taboo in the real setting.  We only believe that our dead bodies should be treated with great respect even when we will be long gone. However, we have continued to adapt to the use of crematoriums as an option to funeral homes and the costly burials.

Please read on for more information on crematoriums in Kenya:

Where can I find a crematorium in Kenya?

Well, here are the places where you may find a crematorium in Kenya:

Being the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi has made significant leaps in its efforts to accommodate people from all cultural perspectives. The city has a dense population of Indians and other Kenyans who prefer using crematoriums to conventional sendoffs and burial rites.

Here is the list of the major crematoriums in Kenya:

  • Lang’ata crematorium, Nairobi
  • Kariokor Hindu crematorium, Nairobi
  • Hindu Crematorium, Nakuru
  • Indian Cemetery and Crematorium, Eldoret
  • Hindu Crematorium, Mombasa
  • Hindu Crematorium, Thika
  • Hindu Crematorium, Kisumu
  • Nanyuki Crematorium, Nanyuki
  • Nairobi City Council Crematorium

Find a cremation service near me

There are dozens of cremation services available in Kenya today. Websites like Kenya Obituaries  can be great directories to reach at whenever you will be seeking a cremation service provider near you.

Can I have my departed cremated here in Kenya?

Yes, you can have your departed cremated in Kenya. However, you will have to make proper arrangements to ensure that the departed person’s remains are transported to Kenya. Similarly, you will have to make prior arrangements with the cremation service provider that you would wish to attend to your departed person’s remains for a smoothly flow of events.

What is the cost of cremation in the crematorium near me?

Cremation has emerged as an alternative to the traditional burial rites because of the relatively low prices charged. You may part with anything between Ksh. 20,000 and Ksh. 100,000 whenever you want to cremate the remains of your loved one in Kenya. The variations in prices will depend on the cremation location, and the materials you will request to be used in the cremation process.

Crematorium centers like Langa’ta will charge Ksh. 12,000 for the remains of children, Ksh. 16,800 for adults. On the other hand, the Hindu and Kariokor Crematoriums will charge Ksh. 10,000 ;for registered members and Ksh. 22,500 for non members.

What documents should I have for cremation to take place?

Here are the documents you will need for cremation to take place in Kenya:

  • A copy of death certificate
  • Burial/cremation certificate
  • Application for cremation (Cremation form 1)
  • Medical certificates for cremation (Cremation forms 4 and 5)
  • Authorization for cremation (cremation form 10)

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