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Dealing With a Sudden Death of An Infant

When death robs off an infant -the world crumbles. The loss of an infant is an epic tragedy. The parents undergo a devastating time dealing with the symptoms associated with the different paths of grieve and issues of bereavement that lack the correct answers.  The bereaved parents often deal with the grim injustice of the loss itself-debating that the death shouldn’t happen in the first place. The general feeling is that it should be them, not the infant, to die. The Art of Condolence Authors Leonard M. Zunin and Hilary Stanton Zunin help parents cope with grief. They agree that dealing with the loss of an infant is a complex process clustered in stages of grief.

 But the bond with my infant was deep…

The relationship between a parent and an infant is established after conception and is the most intense. In that case, the death o an infant robs the precious role of parenting. The parent can feel guilty and question if they are bad parents to let death happen to their child. They may feel as if they failed to protect their infant. The emotion for losing an infant may feel difficult and impossible to outlive for most parents. Most cemeteries in Kenya have child sections that were infants who lived hours to a few days. Although the scene is devastating, a walk across the cemetery will give you a biography of the infant. Starting from the hours they lived in, their names, and freshly withered flowers, telling the story of how fresh the child’s memory still is.

how do I grief…

To survive through the death of an infant requires a robust support system. First, surround yourself with family and friends who genuinely care. Also, engage in articles and writeups that shed light on the process of grief and how to manage grief. You can also join support groups of parents who have similarly lost their infants and seek counseling.

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