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Flowers and Coffins


At Kenya Obituaries, we treat the flowers you put on your loved one’s final resting place like a second language. In essence, each of the flower species availed by Kenya Obituaries to the sendoff service of your love will give a distinct meaning and symbol. We appreciate how difficult it can be to choose a flower that you will consider to be appropriate considering that it is such a distressing time. However, Kenya Obituaries treats each flower as an instrument that will aid the bereavement process in a significant way.

The global landscape has advanced several mourning procedures- having a bouquet of well-organized flowers is just one of them. In essence, mourning a departed friend or loved one by adopting one of the flower samples recommended by Kenya Obituaries may be one of the longest running traditions in Kenya.  Nonetheless, this doesn’t remove the hurdles in the flower selection process. So, you must expect a few hitches as it isn’t any easier. When all is said and done and the time to initiate this all-essential decision will be knocking, you may face hills of challenges I you are not properly equipped with the right knowledge.

Here’s the guide that’s been choreographed with the aim of helping you make a more informed decision when the time to search for  a memorial flower that will meet the desires of your loved one:

Factors to consider when choosing funeral flowers

Funeral flowers aren’t just chosen to finish the occasion. At Kenya Obituaries, we take you through a thorough review process to ensure that you get flowers that will contribute to a beloved one’s befitting sendoff.

Here’s the list of factors to consider when choosing funeral flowers:

Relation to the deceased

One of the major factors you need to consider while choosing funeral flowers is your relation with the deceased person. For instance, the closer your relationship is, the more elaborate the funeral arrangement should be. Always remember only the close family members tend to buy the biggest flowers for the funeral service, including the heart-shaped arrangements, casket spray, large sprays on stands, and wreaths.

On the other hand, extended family members and close friends can buy sprays to display in the funeral service. Other attendees at the funeral such as friends and colleagues can choose to send smaller flower arrangements like small to medium sized live plants, or flower baskets.

Is it memorial or funeral service? 

What type of service will it be? Is it memorial or funeral service? According to funeral experts, both services require different types of flowers. For instance, if it is a cremation service without burial, sending funeral flowers, flower baskets, and green plants to the deceased’s family home is more appropriate. On the contrary, burial services use the same flowers with flower stand as a centrepiece, which people usually leave at the cemetery. Therefore, before picking a funeral flower arrangement, read the funeral service invitation carefully to avoid any mistakes in choosing the right funeral flowers.

Personalization matters 

Make sure you consider the nature and the vibe of the funeral service before choosing your funeral flower arrangement. Also, consider whether it is traditional or a unique celebration of the deceased’s life. In some cases, there will be special mention on the invitation to avoid classic white lilies or red roses and include flowers that represent the personality of the person better. If the deceased person had a bright personality and loved sunflowers, you can send sunflowers arrangement.

Religion is important

Some flowers are acceptable in some religions but may not in others. Therefore, before you send funeral flowers do consider whether the deceased person was religious or not, and their beliefs as well as preferences.

Donation requests 

Some people have donation requests to honour the deceased person. You must honour the request by donating some money along with funeral flowers.

Flower colors and what they mean

Colors will be a common phenomenon in funerals or other functions. Well, this is because colors have a message, they speak any time they are displayed in a funeral. The colors will portray different meanings depending on their arrangements.

Here’s a deeper look of the colors you will get with most of the florists and their meanings in funeral settings:


White flowers are the most commonly used funeral flowers. They may be used alone or combined with other color schemes. Not only will the set of white flowers you present at a friend’s or relative’s funeral will be used to mean innocence and purity, it so happens that almost all of the most commonly used flowers at funerals—lilies, roses, carnations and mums—can be white.


Blue is conventionally appreciated as a color of sorrow. In essence, there’s always a place for blue flowers when you’re selecting sympathy flowers. Delphinium and larkspur are popular options that will never go wrong any time you need blue shades.


Yellow is a color that’s universally associated with friendship. Think this cheery color is a no-go for a funeral? Think again! Many of the most touching arrangements have at least a splash of yellow mixed in. Yellow gladiolus are particularly apropos for funeral flowers.


Red flowers, especially deep, velvety reds like roses, conjure thoughts of love and grief. Roses are a popular choice for funerals, but you could also opt for dramatic red mums or red carnations.


Meaning respect and humility, lavender flowers make a lovely choice as part of a funeral flower arrangement.

Common Funeral Flowers

The market offers thousands of flower options depending on your budget, season and availability. There’s need to know the different types of flowers and lower arrangements meant for funerals or memorial vases. Knowing a little about the types of flowers and flower arrangements grants you some levels of ease when commencing with the selection process and will grant you the opportunity to express your condolences in a befitting way.

Here’re the different types of flowers used in funerals:


Lilies have been considered universal flowers that match any occasion. In essence, lilies have been associated with a wide range of meanings at Kenya Obituaries, we consider lilies as flowers that are commonly adopted to give a representation of a sense of restored innocence. In particular, the stargazer lily breed which comes in deep white hues is the commonest choice in funerals and funeral settings. Over the years, white lilies have been used to symbolize innocence, the rebirth of the soul, and purity.


The carnation florals are as inexpensive as they are pretty. This attribute makes the carnations a perfect choice for large floral displays that contain a variety of flowers. When it comes to carnations, white is symbolic of innocence, red is said to refer to love and admiration, and pink is the color of remembrance. At Kenya Obituaries we adopt the pink-colored carnation flowers to give a representation of the aspects of remembrance. On the other hand, Kenya Obituaries considers the white carnations as essential representations of love in its purest form. This reveals why these two colors a very popular choice.


The gladioli flower can grow to a height of up to 4 feet. Their morphology comprises of a stem with many flowers. At Kenya Obituaries we consider the gladioli flowers as one of the classical and traditional choices used in funeral settings. They’re usually adopted to depict the deceased as an individual who presented with strength of character and higher levels of moral integrity before transiting to the world of unknowns. Gladioli comes in different species which portray a wide range of hues.

These tall flowers are great for sprays, where flowers of differing heights come together to create a visually stunning arrangement of sympathy flowers. These pretty flowers that come in a bunch of bright shades are said to indicate strength of character, a wonderful compliment to the person who has died.


This is one of the most popular flowers in the world, the rose certainly has a place among flowers that represent death. The deep red is symbolic of sorrow and is often seen in funeral flower arrangements, along with white roses, which symbolize innocence

All doubts put aside; roses have been distinguished to be among the most versatile flowers. In essence, each color of the different types of rose flowers presents a distinct meaning. At Kenya Obituaries, we treat white rose flowers as a representation of humility and innocence. On the other hand, Kenya Obituaries uses red roses to convey love and respect. While pink rose flowers are used to signify the issues of appreciation and love; Kenya Obituaries will adopt dark crimson colored roses to present the environment of sorrow, and yellow rose flowers to symbolize the strong bonds we have with the departed soul.


Countries all over the globe have solely adopted chrysanthemums as an essential part of their funeral flowers. In essence, the chrysanthemums flower has been adopted in different parts of the world to give a wide range of interpretations.  For instance, chrysanthemums have been used in Asian funerals to give a portrayal of sadness. On the other hand, they’ve been used in the United States to represent the aspects of truth. Regardless of the symbolisms presented by the chrysanthemums, Kenya Obituaries shall ensure that every batch of flowers you order has a touch of this flower as they are generally believed to grant a departed soul the positive and cheerful tribute it deserves

The peace lily plant

You’re almost missing everything if you fail to include the peace lily plant as part of your flower bouquet when sending off a loved one. In particular, Kenya Obituaries will ensure that your funeral flower vases are filled with pieces of the peace lily flowers plants as a way of portraying the message of peace, innocence, and harmony in the afterlife. For a family of Christians, the piece lily plant will present with white hues symbolize the holy Virgin Mary.

The Hydrangea Plant

It is true that hydrangea plants may not have a direct association with funerals. Nonetheless, they have emerged as some of the commonest gifts of thanks in funeral settings. At Kenya Obituaries, we choose to include the hydrangea plant for their ability to bloom for many years. we will work with our partner florists to present you with a bouquet that is very easy to maintain.  These attributes make the hydrangea plant an appropriate gesture to send to a friend or family that is in bereavement

Tulips and daffodils

Daffodils and tulips symbolize a brand-new beginning after the loved one is gone. At Kenya Obituaries, we consider the tulips and daffodils as the most effective funeral gifts that will bring hope among the individuals that are passing through moments of difficulty. Just like rose flowers, tulips will come in a wide range of colors, with each hue displaying its distinct meaning. For instance, yellow tulips and daffodils will be used to represent cheerfulness, while white tulips and daffodils will give a representation of forgiveness. On the other hand, red tulips and daffodils will be used to signify love.

Types of Flower Arrangements Used in Funerals

It’s never been an easy task to plan a funeral. In essence, the choice of the type of flower arrangements to be used in a funeral is one of the most essential elements when laying a loved one to rest

At Kenya Obituaries, we consider floral arrangements in funeral settings as a great way to pay respect to a departed soul. We work with our partners to present you with a wide range of floral arrangements that you may choose from. We are always here to help any time you want direction on the type of flowers and flower patterns to get for your loved one’s funeral.

Read on to find out the different types of funeral floral arrangements you should consider:


Most florists tend to make funeral bouquets with different flowers that are deemed suitable according to funeral traditions. These bouquets that are made especially for funerals tend to be generally placed in baskets without a handle. At Kenya Obituaries, we can arrange to ensure that you also get custom-made funeral bouquets made with personalized touches. While some funeral flower bouquets are designed to be placed next to the casket, there are others that are intended to be placed on tables. Funeral bouquets are perfect if you are sending these flowers to someone’s home.

Easel Sprays

Easel spray floral arrangements are made in such a manner that they are placed wither on an easel or a wire stand which is then placed next to the casket at the funeral home. These floral arrangements are traditionally a mix of different types of flowers. They can be viewed only from one direction and usually sent only by family members or close friends. There is no standard height for an easel spray. However, Kenya Obituaries will work with your florist to ensure that your easel sprays are appropriately adjusted to somewhere between one foot to three feet.

Casket Sprays

Casket sprays which are also known as casket covers are usually (according to traditions), sent by an immediate family member or the partner of the person who is no more. At Kenya Obituaries, we work with your florist to ensure that  this floral arrangement is designed in such a manner that it can be placed on the casket. These floral arrangements can either be of the full casket type or the lid type. As the names suggest, the full casket floral arrangements are placed through the length of the flower, but the lid sprays cover only the lid of the casket.

Vase Arrangement

Just like bouquets, floral vase arrangements can be custom packed and sent to either the funeral home or the place of residence of the deceased. It is a normal thing today to make a choice of a vase floral arrangement that gives a clear reflection of the hobbies and interests on the departed soul. If you like, Kenya Obituaries could also collaborate with your florist to send out outstanding floral table arrangements. However, it would be a great idea to keep the flowers subtle.

Funeral Crosses

The funeral cross floral arrangement is basically made of flowers that take the shape of a cross. They generally tend to be mounted on a stand and placed near the casket of the deceased. It is also possible to make funeral crosses of the smaller kind which can be placed by children related to the deceased inside the casket. Funeral cross arrangements are generally sent only by immediate family


Most of us are familiar with the floral arrangement known as a wreath. These arrangements are generally floral in shape but they can also be heart shaped. Wreaths are meant to be symbolic of eternal life. A wreath can be a gesture of sympathy that can be sent by anyone who knew the person who is no more. Wreaths can be either sent to the burial site or the funeral home.

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