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Holding an Online Memorial in Nakuru City

A memorial service or a funeral is a rite of passage that must be held with a lot of consideration. People in Nakuru City consider memorials as moments of gathering and memorializing the deceased friend or family member. However, the pandemic has limited people’s abilities to initiate physical gatherings when holding memorials in Nakuru City. Even with these barriers, Nakuru City-based websites like Kenya Obituaries have come in handy in helping residents to develop online memorial services that befit the wishes of their loved ones.

How do you hold an online memorial service in the newest city in Kenya? Well, here’s how to navigate any time you plan to hold an online memorial service in Nakuru City, the home of Kenya Obituaries:

#1 Choose a widely accessed platform

It makes no sense to stream a loved one’s memorial service on a platform that is minimally accessed. You want a platform that will be accessed by over 60% of the people who would have wanted to make a physical appearance in the memorial service in Nakuru City but missed the occasion for reasons best known to them. Think about the Kenya Obituaries website that is widely accessed and visited by over 100,000 people a day.  You need to post your online memorial on platforms like Kenya Obituaries that are linked to strong video conferencing tools like Zoom, Facebook, and Google Hangouts.

#2 Provide orientation well in advance

We appreciate that Nakuru City is an emerging technological hub.  However, a better part of the population in Nakuru City could be unfamiliar with online memorials (we are used to physical attendance). It would be a great idea to offer a small tutorial/rehearsal early in advance.

#3 Recruit a team of technical hosts

Nakuru City never falls short of anything you want. Why not hire one of our technical hosts at Kenya Obituaries to ensure that everything in the online memorial goes as planned? Our technical hosts will arrange everything, from gathering and slides to the music, guests, and speakers.

#4 Ensure that the online memorial has a high level of control

People in Nakuru City like privacy. You don’t want to hold an online memorial that will compromise other people’s privacy.  Screen sharing in the online memorial you organize should only be pre-shared with authorized entities. Our team at Kenya Obituaries will ensure that your online memorial has a high level of control by running a webinar, disabling chat options and posting the necessary rules and regulations to be followed well in advance.

#5 Posting order of service

You need a program that will guide the online memorial attendees on the procedures that will be followed when organizing for a virtual remembrance service in Nakuru City. Our technical team at Kenya Obituaries will help you organize a well-thought order of service in collaboration with the clergy, family members, workmates, and friends of the deceased just to ensure that everything in the order of service happens at the planned time and in the planned way.

Please visit our Kenya Obituaries website any time you want to hold an online memorial in Nakuru City.

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