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How Do Obituaries (Obit) Work?

Delivering the message about a loved one’s death can be a very hectic endeavor. Remember, death hits when it is least expected. This is the moment in life where you are forced to deal with anguish, personal responsibilities and planning for a befitting sendoff.  In particular, getting a contact list for those who mattered in the deceased’s life can be very draining.

Well, posting the message of a beloved one’s death on obituary sites could save you the negative energy that comes with blames from friends and relatives who may miss this important notice.  In essence, an obituary is the editorial article you write to notify the public about a loved one’s death with detailed biographical information.

While death notices are written by family members, obituaries are written by experts (usually newspaper editors or reporters). Today, it’s never a big deal to get your loved one’s obituary done on leading platforms like Kenya Obituaries. You only need to sign up on our website to keep things rolling.

Which is the best obit site in Kenya?

The tech made it easy for obit sites to flourish.  Currently, Kenya Obituaries is ranked as the best obit site in Kenya. Though new in the obit’s market, Kenya Obituaries offers cost-effective and up-to-date services that are at par with the current technologies. Here are other obit sites in Kenya:

  1. Obituaries Daily
  2. Obituary Kenya
  3. Lee Funeral Home
  4. RIP Kenya
  5. Chiromo Funeral Parlor
  6. Baadaye 

Can I post if I leave outside Kenya

Yes, you can post an obituary of a loved one even if you leave outside Kenya. Like other websites, Kenya Obituaries and other obit platforms can be accessed globally. You only need to own a page by filling your details in the Sign Up section and you will be good to go with your obituary posting pursuits.

What is Kenya Obituaries ?

Well, Kenya Obituaries is the leading obits site in Kenya. Even though Kenya Obituaries is a Kenyan site, it is open for subscribers from all over the globe. It is a one-stop shop that is always willing to help you in times of grief. From memorials to obituaries, and counseling services, Kenya Obituaries is ready to offer top-notch services at affordable rates.

How much does it cost to write an obit here in Kenya?

Well, the cost of writing an obituary in Kenya varies with factors like the site where you want your loved one’s obituary to be posted, and your subscriber status. Nonetheless, it will cost you anything between Ksh. 500 to KShs 10,000 to write an obit here in Kenya.

Can someone write the obituary for my departed? Yes, someone can write an obituary for your departed on the Kenya Obituaries website. However, we strongly advise people to open their own pages on our website. Remember, you will be sharing confidential information about your loved one with the person you want to use their profile when posting on Kenya Obituaries . You wouldn’t want your loved one’s ‘hidden’ information put to the public when things go south.

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