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How to hold a virtual memorial service in Kenya

Memorial services hold a lot of weight in the Kenyan space. However, the pandemic has furnished us with many new things that never existed in our social fabric. From social distancing to restricting the number of people attending an event to the fears of contracting the disease, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything in Kenya. Here we will explain how to hold a virtual memorial service in Kenya.

Truly, no Kenyan would want to miss the memorial service of their loving aunt, uncle, mother, father, shush, or granny. However, the pandemic and its restrictions have left us tongue-tied. What if we had a platform that will allow you to attend the memorial service from the comfort of your couch? Well, virtual memorial services have come as essential social tools that break the rules and restrictions set in the COVID-19 era.

Here’s how to hold a virtual memorial service in Kenya:

  • Choose the date and time of the virtual memorial service

Plan the virtual memorial service like any other funeral proceedings. Don’t worry about accommodating every person’s schedule. Select a date and particular time to hold the service about 3-4 days in advance.

  • Assign roles

Assigning roles among those who will play an active role in organizing the virtual memorial service is key to getting things going. You may schedule a video call to elaborate on what you want to be included in the memorial service and who will do what. The key roles will include the hot, speakers, and tech guys.

  • Select the video conferencing site

There’re thousands of video conferencing tools out there. However, the video conferencing tool you choose should be internationally available- remember you are doing the virtual memorial service to accommodate your keens in Nairobi, Mombasa, rural areas and abroad.

  • Share the details of the service

Here, you’ve already settled on the platform where the virtual memorial service will be held. Whether it is Zoom, Keeper, GoToMeeting,, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex Meetings, you have the links set and ready for sharing. Use connected event pages to accommodate as many attendees as you can.

  • Invite them

Share the links to the memorial service’s page a few days before it is held. You may take advantage of your Facebook page, WhatsApp contacts, email lists, text messages and other social media platforms to invite as many people as you can.

  • Let it remain personal

Remember you are gathering to share the great memories you had with your loved one. You may make it personal by arranging a few slideshows, show home videos, consuming something they loved during the memorial service

  • Give them time to join

Ensure that there’s a moment for everyone to join. Let them offer their personal condolences on the virtual platform. This is a great moment to catch up.

  • The service

Let the service take a maximum of 1 hour. Remember it is Kenya where people have to struggle buying data bundles. Stretching the virtual memorial service for far too long could make it boring. Give each speaker a few minutes.

  • End the service

Thank everyone for attending. It would be a nice way to end by asking the attendees to raise a glass of the deceased’s beverage as way of respecting the departed soul. Ask them to share the link with those who didn’t attend.

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