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How to Prepare a Eulogy

Oftentimes, you want to be an active participant in your friend’s or family member’s final journey. Well, there’s nothing as satisfying as preparing and delivering the eulogy of the departed soul any time you want to participate in a funeral service. Here you will get a complete guide to prepare a Eulogy.

A eulogy is treated as an opportune avenue to appreciate the significance of a life lived, and to remind the funeral attendees about the memories and legacy left behind by the loved one. In essence, any eulogy can be considered as the best ever written if delivered with utmost love, respect and weight. However, we are trapped in the question “how do I prepare a eulogy that befits my loved one” any time a death occurs. Here’s everything you need to know on how to prepare a eulogy

When writing the eulogy:

You need to gather details from the deceased friends and relatives when writing the eulogy. Take a little time and think about the experiences you had with the deceased then give yourself some moments to scribble down an outline of the eulogy based on your findings.

It would be great to free-style the eulogy writing process as there’s no one size-fits all framework when developing the eulogy. Treat every detail you gather about the deceased as unique. Be keen to think about the loved one being eulogized and the most effective way to communicate the findings to the individuals that’ve come to mourn them. Be keen to develop a clear transcript of the eulogy.

Editing the eulogy:

Editing the eulogy ensures that everything written down about the deceased makes sense. This is the time to verify whether what you’ve prepared includes the most significant milestones in the life of the departed member.  Take the eulogy editing process as the moment to make structural alterations before you release it for printing and designing.  Be keen to think twice about any detail that you may consider as questionable as you will be dealing with a mixed audience when editing the eulogy.

Note: The eulogy should talk more about the deceased rather than you or other parties.

Delivering the eulogy

You have to be a little artistic when delivering the eulogy. Remember it is not a speech you’ll memorize and deliver to the congregants. Ensure that you have a copy of the eulogy whose writings are bold enough to be read with minimal strain. Remember that the audience has come to listen to every word said about the deceased. This explains why you must speak slowly when delivering the eulogy.

It will save you a lot of shame when you take a glass of water, a handkerchief and a cough drop with you. Allow yourself to cry without apologies any moment you are overcome with emotions. Get back to the task of delivering the eulogy after the cry is gone.  Be keen to look at the family as much as you can and the audience a little often. Gesturing your hands when delivering the eulogy won’t be punishable- just do it.

The key to delivering the eulogy in the most effective way is to ensure that you invest your time and energy developing it. Self-confidence will be everything you’ll need to deliver a perfect eulogy.  

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