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How to Preserve Your Digital Legacy

We are living in an era where the digital space, law, and tradition are in a deep struggle to keep pace with one another. In essence, the digital space is slowly, yet steadily impacting all areas of life including death. Today, hearing about the death of a family member, friend or workmate is just as obvious as we traditionally did through an obituary. Similarly, there’re dozens of lawsuits that call the need to establish laws and regulations that will determine the right entity to own the digital legacy of the deceased. The developers of the Kenya Obituaries website had this thought in mind and were conscious to ensure that its subscribers keep a detailed archive of their digital legacies.

The digital space has democratized our history. From the emails we send and receive to the chats, and social media content we update on our posts, it is evident that we live in a period where people all over the globe can have exhaustive and detailed records touching our day-to-day operations. But how do you preserve your digital legacy and that of the people who matter to you when death comes knocking?

Well, here are the pieces of thoughts that will help you preserve the digital legacy of your loved one, just like an obituary once their death comes:

1: Take inventory of your digital accounts

You probably don’t have a clue about how your digital legacy is strongly intertwined with the internet. Your online bank accounts, photo storage, social media platforms, the cloud, and streaming service accounts can be a great source of your digital legacy. Be keen to have all your emails and passwords in good shape if you want your digital legacy to remain alive after your death. The fact that your Kenya Obituaries account is directly connected to most digital accounts reveals how helpful it can be any time you want retrieval.

2: Keep and leave the necessary passwords safe

It would be a great idea to include your digital accounts and their passwords in a safe place along with your insurance papers and other essential pieces of data like your social security info, IDs, and financial statements. However, ensure that access to this information is only limited to a few people (close keens) to keep your digital legacy alive after your death. Kenya Obituaries will help you accomplish this on its platform.

3: Write a notice to social media

Check your social media account to see the policies that concern dead users. This could be a great avenue to solicit tribute stories needed to write the loved one’s digital legacy before the accounts are closed. You may use the information you get on such social media accounts to create your loved one’s tribute page on our Kenya Obituaries website. In essence, social media has emerged as one of the key parts of our modern lives that its role should never be ignored after the user has faced their death. Kenya Obituaries appreciates the fact that social media has become a great part of the fabric of our lifestyle. This explains why we have most of the social sites connected to our website.

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