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Kenya Obituaries has been distinguished as the first virtual and hybrid memorial website in Kenya. Founded in 2021, Kenya Obituaries is strongly distinguished as a platform that provides people from all walks of life in Kenya, East Africa, Africa, and the world to keep the memories of their loved one alive long after they are gone. This is the most beautiful place you’ll ever get to host free online memorials and tributes for a keen, workmate, or friend.

Since its inception, the Kenya Obituaries website has held the position of a user-friendly platform that allows its consumer segments to pay tributes to their loved ones in the simplest way possible. The site grants you the rare opportunity to access and use a wide range of user-specific templates that are customized to meet all your individualized needs. Whether the departed soul was a member of the disciplined forces, a child, a man of the cloth, or just an ordinary citizen; the platform ensures that everyone is accorded a befitting sendoff that meets your budgetary allocations.

The team that conceived and developed the Kenya Obituaries website was strongly aware that people drown in grief and “a little” confusion any time a loved one dies. To ease the moments of grief that are associated with death, the team worked to present you with the collections you will need to grant your loved one a befitting burial. For instance, the Kenya Obituaries website is affiliated with other stakeholders in the industry like coffin makers, florists, wreath suppliers, and cloth makers to ensure that you will get everything you desire all under one roof.

Imagine a burial ceremony without people. The Kenya Obituaries website developers were strongly aware that you need people both in their physical and virtual presence to grant your loved one a deserved sendoff. The site has been distinguished as one of the rarest comprehensive memorial websites that will help you gather all your communities in one place after a loved one has breathed their last. Apart from organizing for effective physical sendoff at the gravesite, the Kenya Obituaries website also accords its users the opportunity to create an online forum to share the extraordinary memories they had before death.

The Memorials section of the Kenya Obituaries website grants you the special opportunity to create a range of online memorials that you will share with your friends and family members. For instance, the Kenya Obituaries website allows its users to upload photographs, videos, and links with the extraordinary moments they shared with the deceased. Similarly, users can designate the death of the deceased friend or family member to the charity or nonprofit organizations they were affiliated with to seek donations, send event invitations, crowdfund to cater for the expenses incurred, and track RSVPs.

As a modern website, Kenya Obituaries is connected to a wide range of social media websites that are fully functional. Whether you decide to commemorate your loved one in public or privately, Kenya Obituaries grants you the opportunity to log in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram accounts to share the memories you had with the dead or organize for a virtual sendoff service.

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