Why Choose Kenya Obituaries?

We are a virtual hybrid memorial services center that is fully dedicated to keeping the memories of your loved one in a centralized place. Feel free to memorialize, eulogize, and celebrate your loved one virtually with Kenya Obituaries. At Kenya Obituaries, we have the memories of your loved ones at heart. We present our clients with completely virtual memorial services as well as hybrid in-person memorial services for their departed friends and family members. Wondering what a hybrid memorial is? Well, a hybrid memorial is simply  an in-person gathering with a virtual element for those who are unable to attend in person. We will work closely with you to craft the perfect memorial service for your loved one. From finding the right words to say and hosting the video conference, to professional multi-media creation, event invitations and guest list management, our facilitators are with you every step of the way. Your virtual memorial service will honor the memory of your loved one in a professional, personalized, and heartfelt way. The Features We are more than an online obituaries site- We are an interactive platform Kenya Obituaries comes with these features: Images and Videos We are in the tech-blast era for speaking out loud. Kenya Obituaries appreciates this. We are the leading memorial online platform in the south of the Sahara that will allow you to put the Mementos page of your loved ones to store memories by uploading as many mages as you may want at once.

This is the platform that enables you to embed the videos you classify as “necessary” from Vimeo, YouTube, and other key live streaming sites without struggles. Take Kenya Obituaries as a one-stop site to load the songs videos and family photos that matter in the life of the departed soul.

Tributes and guestbook

Kenya Obituaries gives you the great opportunity to access unlimited guestbook entries for both the friends and family members of the deceased. This the platform you will need to share your messages of condolences, your tributes, images, dedications, and memories. The Kenya Obituaries tribute avenue is enabled to be fully interactive with ‘love’ and commenting options on any post made.


Was your loved one attached to a charity? Well, it may be the time for the people he helped to give back. Kenya Obituaries gives you the opportunity to add a link to the crowdfunding site of choice, or charity to fund the deceased’s memorial page on our website. This feature comes at no extra cost.



At Kenya Obituaries, we appreciate that the life story of the deceased should be kept living long after they’re gone. We give you a platform to share your memories and turn the legacy of the deceased into a lifetime memorial Why Post on kenyaobituaries

Grave and cemetery location

We grant you the noble opportunity to store and share essential information like the funeral home where the body of the deceased is, the location of the gravesite, and the mausoleum. We reduce the hustles of navigating cemeteries and receiving phone calls to direct mourners on where the deceased will be laid to rest.

Create a Virtual or Hybrid Memorial Service

We’ve been here since 2021. Since its establishment, Kenya Obituaries has been helping families preserve and share the memories of their loved ones. We have many tools and features that make it easy to create your own virtual or hybrid memorial service for family and friends who are unable to celebrate your loved one in person.

Conduct a virtual memorial service yourself with the tools provided on our Kenya Obituaries website, or have our team facilitate the service for you.

Schedule a virtual memorial service consultation here.

Kenya Obituaries Memorialisation Options:

Create an online memorial page for friends and family to leave tribute messages, share stories, images, and more.

Embed a live video stream or upload a memorial service video that has already occurred

Provide quick access to a live video stream, webcast or group video chat service.

Keeper Event Pages:

Create an event page for an in-person or virtual memorial service

Invite guests via email and social media and track RSVPs

Add a direct link to Zoom meeting, Google Hangouts meeting, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live

Create a memorial page

What You Must Expect on the Kenya Obituaries Platform

Professional, Meaningful, Seamless Customer Service


At Kenya Obituaries, we will work with you and your family to ensure that your loved one gets a personalized and meaningful virtual memorial service that is truly unique.

Customized Service

At Kenya Obituaries, we will work with you and your family to ensure that your loved one gets a
personalized and meaningful virtual memorial service that is truly unique.

Events Hosting

We have a portfolio of facilitator hosts for the virtual memorial service that will guide the occasionby regarding every piece of  instruction. Our end objective is toenablee you to be fully present and participate freely.

Expert Support

We have a team of facilitators who will coordinate every bit of the logistics of the virtual memorial service for you and your guests. At Kenya Obituaries, we  use our expertise and knowledge to help you navigate important decisions such as: the people who will be speaking, the order of the service, and the content of the service.

Legacy Project

This is a premium service for our clients. Kenya Obituaries will collaborate with you to create a custom legacy project or activity meant for you and your participants during the memorial service that honors your loved one. Some examples include gardening, yoga, meditation, cooking, and art.

Note: Legacy projects are included with the Premium Experience.

Meaningful Words and Eulogies

With your feedback, we garner fitting passages, poems, and literature to share during the memorial service. Our facilitator can assist you in finding the right words to share. Keeper offers professional written eulogy services as part of the Premium Experience.

Event Invitations & Guestlist Management

Our facilitator sends communication directly to your guests via email. We send an online invitation, as well as multiple reminder emails prior to the service. The event information and the ability for guests to RSVP are readily available on the Keeper memorial page and associated event page.