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Overcoming grief of stillbirth

The death of a child before or during delivery is the most devastating happenings in a Kenyan parent’s life. Yet, from the time couples confirm their pregnancy status to the time of delivery, they vest in emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual investments to give the best to their unborn child. In that case, stillbirth is a rip-off.

The Common Reactions To A Stillbirth

 Shock:  After the confirmation of stillbirth follows a feeling of numbness and disconnection from the pain.

Denial: Denial manifests when the parent refuses to accept that the child is dead

Replay and yearning: The parent then begins to analyze scenarios “what if” they could have acted differently. Then they start longing for a few more seconds with their child

Confusion and Guilt: The parent’s mind becomes hazy and overloaded. They then replay the actions they undertook that failed to protect the child

Loss of hope: A surge of grief takes over the high expectations.

Powerlessness and anger: a deep sense of lacking the power to protect their beloved, and anger that they couldn’t do anything takes over.

These are normal reactions that Leonard M. Zunin and Hilary Stanton Zunin, authors of The Art of Condolence, say it’s a path to normalcy.

The Impact Of Stillbirth On The Union Of Marriage

How couples deal with stillbirth grief can make or break a marriage. So often, each partner becomes engrossed in their grief and hurl blame at each other. It’s critical to have essential to have open communication and engage with a support system or community that helps throughout the grieving process.

Where To Find Help in Kenya

To learn more about surviving stillbirth grief, take time and visit how to deal with grief resources here.

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