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The Difference between Caskets and Coffins in Nakuru City

Yes, we are Nakuru City, the home of Kenya Obituaries, and have our own way of differentiating between coffins and caskets. It is true that many people, both in Nakuru City and other parts of the world have never understood the thin line that differentiates a coffin from a casket. However, the problem comes when a loved one has died and you have to find something that is just suitable for the funeral rites. Please read on to know the difference between a coffin and a casket, the Nakuru City way:


The picture that came to your mind once you glared at this article is actually a casket. In essence, most of the funerals in Nakuru City adopt caskets any time they want to give a loved one a befitting sendoff. This explains why the difference between a casket and a coffin will always matter any time a death occurs in Nakuru City and a funeral has to be held.

Memorial websites like Kenya Obituaries and Nakuru City residents alike tend to differentiate caskets from coffins by considering the shape. In essence, caskets take the shape of specially designed boxes that are meant to contain the body of the dead. As such, the casket containing the body of the dead friend, family member, or workmate will be lowered to the grave during the burial rites. In most cases, burying the caskets will appear in situations where cremation hasn’t been considered as the befitting sendoff option for the dead.

On the other hand, the casket will not be buried if the family chooses cremation as their sendoff option. Instead, the casket will only be arranged to carry the body and won’t be burnt at the cremation site. It will only be used in burials for body viewing, wake or visitation. At times, families in Nakuru City could liaise with Kenya Obituaries for a cremation urn to be placed within the casket and the casket is eventually buried just like the other conventional funerals.

Caskets in Nakuru City tend to mimic a rectangular shape. In other instances, the casket will have a rectangular shape and will be attached with hinge bars on each side. The hinge bars are meant to make carrying the casket a little bit easy.


Just like a casket, a coffin is a box with a special design that is meant to hold the body of the dead friend, keen, or workmate for a funeral service. Caskets could also be used for body viewing and in burials. However, the distinguishing factor between coffins and caskets in Nakuru City is the shape.  In essence, coffins will be created to have six sides. For a non-Nakuru City resident, this could be very difficult to picture. You may be drawn to start drawing images from one of the old movies you’ve seen. If you are a lover of movies, then you must have seen a coffin in the funeral scenes of one of those Western videos of the 1800s.  Just to ensure that you know, a coffin will come with a wider top and a narrower bottom.

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