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The Importance of Commemoration in Kenya

The human race has given high priority to the commemoration of special occasions from the dawn of civilization. Death is something that leaves a permanent mark in every Kenyan’s life. Though our loved ones may be gone, they live in our hearts for a lifetime. Here’s the list of the importance of commemoration in Kenya:

Commemorating cultivates a communal sense

There’s a lot of hype in special communal moments like family get togethers, weddings and funerals in Kenya. Currently, platforms like Kenya Obituaries have made it easy to make announcements about commemorating a loved one. Well, commemorations are among the moments that will give the members of a particular clan to meet in remembrance of the moments they shared with their friends. Courtesy

They reveal the meaning and significance of the deceased

Commemorating is the only way we show that the deceased actually mattered to us. It is here that we tell the society the meaning and significance of the moments we shared with the deceased long after they have departed.  Family members in Kenya take commemorations as the moments that instill the senses of appreciation and reverence for the departed one while taking it as a great opportunity to connect a highly omnipotent force. In particular, you will see people traveling miles just to come and commemorate a deceased they were circumcised together, agemates, friends and keens who died decades ago.

It is through commemorating that we occupy our place in the circle of life

Commemoration is the only way to appreciate the nature of humanity and to accept that eve though we are alive, we are only temporary visitors on the face of Mother Earth. It is the tome to accept that a time will come when we will join the deceased. Such occasions help humans in the Kenyan society to reconcile with the realities of life while tapping into the timelessness of humanity by respecting certain essential societal rites that were accoladed by the ancestors in their years of life.

Commemorating adds excitement to life

As Kenyans, we appreciate that commemorations are not funerals. We took a significant amount of time to cry in grief when sending off the deceased at their funeral. However, commemorations give us a great moment to share great joys through our traditional dances, goat eating, laughing, meeting and knowing our keens and playing. This is the greatest opportunity when people take breaks from their mundane existences as they head to ushago to breath a new air of excitement as they interact in memory of the departed soul.

It is in commemorating that we create fond memories

Psychologically speaking, the human mind is prone to recalling life events that bring them some sort of emotional charge. In essence, commemorations in Kenya grant us the opportunity to put our mental bookmarks on an experience that counts in our lives. Such issues make it easy to remember the dates when we commemorate a loved one that mattered on our lives in the future. Sites like Obituaries Kenya have made it easy to commemorate our loved ones by giving us the great opportunity to upload essential memorabilia like the videos and photos we shared with the departed soul.

All above mentioned points are Importance of Commemoration in Kenya.

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