Our Communities

Kenya Obituaries is strongly determined to contribute to vibrant communities in Nakuru City, Kenya, and the entire globe by presenting its customer segments with a place where they can get both social and moral support after losing their loved one. We are dedicated towards helping bereaved families to find the resources they need to grant their loved ones a befitting sendoff through the vast networks at our disposal to make funerals as streamlined as possible.

We are a community that is strongly dedicated towards honoring your beloved’s life. At Kenya Obituaries, we work to ensure that your loved one’s funeral remains as unique as the lives they lived. We are the only Kenyan platform where love is cultivated to continue living on long after a loved one is gone.

Here’s the scope of the communities that make Kenya Obituaries an alternative place to call home whenever we are faced with moments of grief:

Our Subscribers

We treat our subscribers as the major reason why the Kenya Obituaries website exists. To date, Kenya Obituaries has been ranked as the #1 virtual memorial website in Kenya and the entire East African region, thanks to the over 1.5 million subscribers who took the bold decision to call this website an alternative home.

Each subscriber makes a great difference at Kenya Obituaries. It is through our subscribers that we can confidently declare that we are the home of diverse and vibrant communities. We are proud to embrace equity within our subscribers through utmost dedication to diversity and inclusivity.

Funeral Homes

We are a memorial website. We know that you will be looking for a funeral home directory once a loved one breathes their last. This explains why we are thoughtfully connected to both small scale and large scale, local and international funeral homes that will treat your deceased’s remains with great care and respect. We only select the best. So you must never show any doubts any time we recommend a funeral home.

Coffin makers

Nothing holds weight than the type of funeral or casket you decide to carry the remains of your loved one during visitations, funeral services and burials. We also know that you will be going through a moment of

cover topics aimed at helping you live your normal life long after the loved one has departed.  Some of the topics covered by our community of grief counselors include; coping with depression, bereavement, the role of family members, mental health and how to deal with depression and suicide.  We also organize our subscribers in a series of support groups that are meant to offer collective grief support.

A part from being a memorial website, Kenya Obituaries has been positioned as a family. We have a team of professionals that is always willing to guide you through the grief process and ensure that you make the choices that meet all your day-to-day needs.

We are determined to serve families with utmost dignity and care. At Kenya Obituaries, we are strongly knowledgeable that the loss of a loved one leaves an array of unanswered questions, grief, anxiety and the feelings of stress that make it difficult to handle the situations at hand. This explains why we took the deliberate move to embrace a team of grief counselors to guide you through the grief journey before, during and after your loved one has passed on.

immense grief, coupled with lots of confusion after the curtain will have finally fallen on your loved one. We are connected to both local and international coffin and casket makers all over the globe. We will look at your budget, choices and preferences then make recommendations that suit your desires.


Flowers make a great difference between a person who was loved and the individuals that lacked massive following.  At Kenya Obituaries, we are strongly aware that flowers are a new thing in most of the conventional burial sites in Kenya. In essence, nobody wants to crack their heads just because of a set of flowers for their loved one’s burial. This explains why we sought partnerships with a community of florists from all the major towns in Kenya and beyond. You will only need to have a small talk with our team of experts who will guide you through the flower acquisition process.


There’s nothing as boring as accessing an unresponsive website at a time when you need it the most.  At Kenya Obituaries, we are strongly knowledgeable that you will need to access a vast network of followers, friends and relatives any time you are faced with a moment of grief.  This explains why we included our technical team as a crucial part of the Kenya Obituaries community. The sub community of technicians will guide you through your virtual memorial or commemoration services, ensure that there’s a strong link between your Kenya Obituaries account and your social media accounts and work towards ensuring a flawless flow of events any time you plan to hold an online tribute service on our platform.  Just in case things aren’t working well on your user interface, it would be a great idea to hit the “Contact Us’ button and tings will be sorted in the shortest time possible.

Grief Counselors

There’s nothing as painful as losing a person you were used to. Remember, death cuts the ties and significant relationships we held with our loved ones. The Kenya Obituaries website is strongly aware of the difficulties its subscribers will pass through when faced with grief. A part from the vast community forums we hold on our platform, we are also connected to a series of qualified professional grief counselors who are always willing to take you through the grief journey.

Our grief counselors will always treat grief as the reactions you hold after passing through any event of loss.  Our team of professional grief counselors will always be willing to take you through each stage of grief, cry with you and laugh with you throughout the journey after you’ve lost a loved one.  They’ll