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Transportation of remains of a deceased Kenyan

The loss of a loved one can be a stressful burden to bear. The burden becomes heavier when you a loved one dies out of the country and you have to ensure that their remains are granted a respectful sendoff back at home.

We are Kenyans. The rites we hold give a clear definition of who we are. We appreciate when we burry our loved ones on our soil.  As Africans, we have the great desire to abide by our traditions from birth to death. This explains why we MUST transport the remains of our loved ones back home when death strikes.

While it is our desire to give our loved ones a respectful sendoff, the legally set processes could act as essential tumbling blocks. Knowing the process can make a great difference between giving your loved one the desired sendoff, and letting their bodies decay in a foreign soil.

Well, here’s everything you must know about transporting the remains of a deceased Kenyan back home:

In-person application

You must know that the process of transporting the remains of a deceased one is strictly in-person.  Here’s the procedure;

  • The Embassy mission in Kenya will give you (the next of kin) a notice upon the death of the loved one.
    • This explains why you must leave accurate contact details any time you visit a foreign country.
  • You will be required to make a trip to the Kenyan Embassy in the home country to commence with the sendoff and transportation service arrangements.
  • The next of kin will be granted the necessary travel documentation to Kenya
  • Upon arrival, the next of kin will be granted the necessary forms by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the remains to be allowed in the country.
  • The next of kin should be thorough in contacting the funeral home holding the deceased’s bodies then obtain the necessary clearances.
  • The documents from the funeral home should be presented to the Embassy for approval
  • The embassy will issue the necessary transportation clearances
  • The next of kin should take an extra step to initiate the transportation arrangements with the desired airline then present the Embassy with the fully-filled transportation clearance forms
  • The next of kin will present the chosen airline with the clearance documents.

Note: Don’t be surprised when you see the coffin holding the remains of the deceased in a hermetic seal. This is a requirement.

  • Make arrangements to identify the funeral home you wish to hold the body of the deceased in Kenya once it has ar6rived.

Here are the requirements when transporting the remains of the deceased to Kenya:

  • A copy of the deceased’s death certificate
  • A copy of the embalmment certificate
  • A copy of the burial  transit permit
  • Documentation from the Ministry of Health with confirmation that the deceased did not suffer from a contagious disease at the time of death
  • The deceased’s passport or any other acceptable form of identification
  • Telephone number of the deceased’s next of kin

Always reach out to Kenya Obituaries when your loved one breathes their last in a foreign land. We are here to help you grant your loved one a befitting sendoff at an affordable cost.

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