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Why Post on kenyaobituaries

People die. Their bodies depart. However, their spirits remain alive among the living loved ones. In essence, writing an obituary is always one of the first things you’ll have to do after a loved one has died.

Until recently, the mainstream media (newspapers in particular) was considered the place to publish obituaries. In essence, people chose newspapers because they were widely read and were easily accessible. It was the only sure way that the details published about the deceased would reach the targeted audiences.

To date, obituaries are helpful in capturing the deceased’s personal life and memorable contributions to the society that will make their soul live after they’re long gone. The obituary will give information about the family members who survive the deceased, those who died before him, and funeral arrangements.

Imagine the number of phone calls you would receive every day after your village has established that a close relative has passed on. What about the hustles you went through to include every detail on the small newspaper column despite the exorbitant charges you had to incur to publish an obituary on The Daily Nation, The Standard Newspaper, The Star or The People Newspaper.

Well, online obituaries have come as a relief for the many phone calls as people can send their condolences online. You don’t have to worry about space limitations. Online platforms like kenyaobituaries  have made it easy for Kenyans to post obituaries any time their loved ones depart.

Apart from its position as a Kenyan platform meant for Kenyans and accessible to the whole world, kenyaobituaries  had been distinguished as a website that allows the deceased family to include as much information about their loved one as they can.

Here’s why you need to post on kenyaobituaries  

It’s good as archive.

Do you remember the newspaper obituary pages you used as textbook covers back in the days? Better still, do you remember how you used to turn those obituary pages from The Daily Nation and The Standard into alternative tissue papers? Well, they only served their purpose for the shortest time they existed before they were turned into practical jiko lighters. No one remembers the photographs they saw in the newspaper about a departed soul a month ago.

Well, websites like kenyaobituaries  came to offer a long-lasting solution to such challenges. Kenyaobituaries is good as an archive. In essence, an obituary posted on Kenyaobituaries will remain online as long as the website remains hosted online. The fact that you will have the opportunity to access the memories you cherished about your departed loved one with utmost ease as long as you posted it on Kenyaobituaries makes it suitable as an archive. You wouldn’t have to develop the stress of a friend dodging away with the newspaper containing the memories of a loved one.

Kenya Obituaries are widely read

Truly speaking, Kenya Obituaries has been distinguished as one of the pioneer websites when remembering the dead. Like other in other websites, Kenya Obituaries allows its users to subscribe for notifications. In this case, the subscribers will access useful notifications about an obituary posted on this site at the comfort of their phones and computers, making it widely read.

In essence, Kenyaobituaries has proven its position as a great alternative platform for those who cannot post their obituaries on mainstream media. The information will be immediately available among those who don’t have access to newspapers. Kenyaobituaries  position as a pioneer website in the industry has enhanced its acceptability among Kenyans.

Obituaries on kenyaobituaries  are published digitally and on social media

Gone are the days when people relied on single-font publications when posting obituaries. The Kenya population comprises young and digitally active individuals.

Truly speaking, no one (even the old lady in your hood) will be drawn to a newspaper with black and white publications. The fact that Kenyaobituaries only gives you a platform to present content published digitally and social media platforms make it an excellent avenue for the young generation to share their messages of condolence as they mourn with the deceased’s family.

The kenyaobituaries makes it possible for people to instil a sense of humour while mourning by ensuring that its subscribers have the chance to ensure that the elements of the deceased like video clips, stories, photographs and social media links are published digitally.

The kenyaobituaries  platform ensures that moments shared between the bereaved and the deceased remain special by allowing for digitization of old photographs and presenting room to initiate real-time reactions and messages when the content is published digitally and social media. The links to the site can be shared on diverse social media platforms just to drive traffic to the deceased’s obituary page on kenyaobituaries.

Death is a scary moment for any Kenyan. In some communities like the Kalenjins, Luos and Luhyas, death comes as a great shocker whose memories last a lifetime. In essence, we drown in grief whenever a person dies, not because they’ve gone but because of the impact they left in our lives and the society, the memories we shared together, and the endless thought that we will never meet again.

What if you had a platform that would put all these memories in one place? What if the platform allowed you to have a view of the memories you shared with the departed soul any time you want? Well, kenyaobituaries  does precisely that as a one-stop digital memorial – it gives you the photos of the deceased any time you want them as long as they were uploaded on the website.

kenyaobituaries  has retained its position as one of the most beautiful platforms to store the moments we shared with our departed keens and friends while keeping them alive in our souls and minds long after they’ve left us. As a pioneering platform, Kenya obituaries have sought avenues to establish its services and enhance its position in the digital space. Apart from beating the mainstream media, kenyaobituaries has proven its position as an attractive site to people of all ages.

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