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Kenya Obituaries has been distinguished as the first virtual and hybrid memorial website in Kenya. Founded in 2021, Kenya Obituaries is strongly distinguished as a platform that provides people from all walks of life in Kenya, East Africa, Africa, and the world to keep the memories of their loved one alive long after they are gone. This is the most beautiful place you’ll ever get to host free online memorials and tributes for a keen, workmate, or friend.

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Last Home team is always ready at your service. You can ask us for immediate arrangements or plan steadily and book our services.

At Kenya Obituaries, we strongly believe that every person must be remembered for the contributions they made in life and the people they touched as they lived. This explains why we are dedicated towards providing our customers with aa basic memorial free of charge.We also grant you the rare opportunity to customize and enhance your loved one’s memorial for a one-time fee.

Online memorials have been distinguished as key virtual spaces where people remember, celebrate and commemorate their loved ones after they are gone. With an online memorial, you will be well able to revisit the life of a loved one, leave a tribute message, view their life through photographs and videos and connect with family members and friends only at the click of a button on the Kenya Obituaries website.

Yes, your loved one’s memorial will always be free if you post on Kenya Obituaries. I know there’re times when business models change. However, you must be rest assured that even if the Kenya Obituaries website grows to the point of millions of visitors per day, we will find other means of funding from somewhere else. You will never be charged a coin, nor will you even be asked.

Well, thank you for signing up to the Kenya Obituaries website. Welcome.

In order to signup to Kenya Obituaries and create a memorial page, you will first need to create an account for yourself that depicts all your details. When you sign up with us, you will have your own profile, as well as memorial pages for your loved ones.

At Kenya obituaries, the memorial pages are created by the commensurate subscribers. The subscribers are also treated as the memorial page administrators.

Once you have completed your registration and are signed into your account, follow these steps to create a memorial page:

  • Navigate the website’s top menu bar
  • Click on the “Memorials” icon
  • Fill the details of the loved one- name, dates and gender
  • Build the loved one’s life story with their biography, photographs, videos and milestones

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