General Questions

This is a great question to ask. Well, Kenya Obituaries is a social website dedicated to meet all your memorial needs. This is a Kenyan platform, made by Kenyans, meant for both Kenyans and Non-Kenyans in remembering the lives of the departed. We derive our passion in storytelling. This explains why we established a tool to assist people to preserve their memories and life stories that come with it in a special way.

We will help you create a collaborative memorial that will allow people- both young and old to leave tributes, upload photos, like, share, comment, connect, and remember those who are dearly missed. We know that your loved one mattered not only to you but also the community and the world in general.Whether you have the zeal to share these memories with the world, or privately with a few close relatives, the Kenya Obituaries platform is the place to be. It is secure, simple and flexible.

The Kenya Obituaries website presents its customers with more features (as far as memorials are concerned) than any other memorials website in the East African region. To make it better,  Kenya Obituaries is free. Here’s the list of features on our website:

  • Tribute videos- This is one of the highly adored features on the Kenya Obituaries website. Here, you will be able to show a series of rotating slideshow photographs and other essential memories of the deceased, in their memorial service. This feature was created with the awareness that many people do not have the resources, time, or strength to put together these videos during this hard time, so we want to do it for you.


  • Links- Memorial linking is one among the most special features on Kenya Obituaries. The links will allow you to link both your memories with the loved one and those from other websites together. This will serve as an extraordinary resource to link the memories of the deceased with those of the other family and friends who passed away.


  • Photo and video gallery- The Kenya Obituaries website allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos, videos and albums that present the memories you shared with the deceased. You needn’t worry about the size and format of the photographs and videos since the website will self-convert into the required metrices.


  • Music library- This is one of the greatest wonders of the Kenya Obituaries website. This feature allows you to have an unlimited amount of music on our memorials. Our website is home to a large library that you can select from or upload your own music.


  • Themes- We have a myriad of themes for you to select from. On the Kenya Obituaries website, you are never restricted to a single memorial. We strongly believe that believe that the memorial for your loved one should be related to them, their life and their interests. Therefore, we will present you with multiple themes for you to choose from. Similarly, we are always looking forward towards adding more. Our website is also open to suggestions when it comes to themes. Kenya Obituaries is meant for our visitors. So, eel free to tell us what you want.

At Kenya Obituaries, we strongly believe that every person must be remembered for the contributions they made in life and the people they touched as they lived. This explains why we are dedicated towards providing our customers with aa basic memorial free of charge.We also grant you the rare opportunity to customize and enhance your loved one’s memorial for a one-time fee.

Nope, Kenya Obituaries won’t charge any hosting or maintenance fee for the memorials you will be creating on the website. In essence, the site and services offered therein are free. No one will ever seek your attention demanding for maintenance fees. In fact, we don’t have a place that directs you to make any donations.

Yes, privacy is a key issue any time you partner with Kenya Obituaries. We grant you the nobble opportunity to set many different types of privacy. You have the permission to unpublish the memorial, set a password, set a question and answer, remove it from public, require approval for submissions, etc. as long as you feel that your account us as secure as you want it to be

Yes, the memorial youcreate on Kenya Obituaries be online forever. In fact, it will be online until you decide to take it offline. If you decide to leave it on our platform, it will stay there forever. Similarly, the platform allows you not to pay a dime for your free forever memorial with unlimited features and space.

Mhh, this is a golden question. We have a pretty simple answer for this question. This site is owned and operated by a clique of experienced web developers. Contributing to your happiness long after your loved one is gone is just our delight. We think that this is our special way to contribute to the larger global society.

Online memorials have been distinguished as key virtual spaces where people remember, celebrate and commemorate their loved ones after they are gone. With an online memorial, you will be well able to revisit the life of a loved one, leave a tribute message, view their life through photographs and videos and connect with family members and friends only at the click of a button on the Kenya Obituaries website.

Do you remember those days when we used to do our commemorations by sharing the memories of our loved ones on home videos, books and through story telling? Well, no one would want to go there again. Technology has made it easy and simple to maneuverer around.Online memorials will help you do away with all these hustles by presenting you with a single platform where you can create, store and share almost all of our photos and videos. This enables our family and friends that are spread across the country and the world to access the memories we shared with the deceased in real time.

Similarly, online memorials have been distinguished as the most perfect way of storing and sharing the memories we held with the loved one, while bringing everyone together in a collaborative commemoration. Instead of saving the photographs in a private cloud storage system that you can only access as a single entity,online memorials will let you and your family collect the memories you classify as ‘favorite’ share stories and give the departed soul a dignified legacy that will last for generations.

Well, creating a memorial on the Kenya Obituaries website is as easy as A, B, C. You will simply need to click on the ‘Contac Us’ button located on the top right of the website’s  Page. The site will ask you to key in a few details on your loved one’s basic information and voila! The deceased’s memorial will have begun.  You will also be asked to fill in a few details about you. In this case, you will be treated as the automatic administrator of the account.

Yes, you can create a Kenya Obituaries profile without having to create a memorial. Our website takes care of such needs. Here’re the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Kenya Obituaries web page
  • Go to the “Contact Us” page
  • Scroll down to “Deceased’s Details”
  • Enter your details

You’re ready to go! In essence, the Kenya Obituaries website will only ask you for basic information.After you have created your profile, you may take it as a perfect moment t create the memorials you desire (any time it deems necessary) make connections with the exiting memorials, be part of a family tree or start establishing your legacy. Remember, the platform gives you the powers to be in control as an administrator.

At Kenya Obituaries, we strongly believe in planning ahead as a culture and philosophy of life. By signing up with Kenya Obituaries, you have the liberty to establish your biography, start uploading the photographs, videos and links you deem useful, and create your family tree. This puts you at a better position to leave when the time comes as you’ll have put most of the things in order.

By creating your profile on Kenya Obituaries, you will have enough time to designate one of your trusted family members or friends to become the account’s administrator so that they will have total control of your profile when you pass away and add any key information that will keep your soul living long after you’re gone.

Yes, your loved one’s memorial will always be free if you post on Kenya Obituaries. I know there’re times when business models change. However, you must be rest assured that even if the Kenya Obituaries website grows to the point of millions of visitors per day, we will find other means of funding from somewhere else. You will never be charged a coin, nor will you even be asked.

Creating and editing a memorial

Well, thank you for signing up to the Kenya Obituaries website. Welcome.

In order to signup to Kenya Obituaries and create a memorial page, you will first need to create an account for yourself that depicts all your details. When you sign up with us, you will have your own profile, as well as memorial pages for your loved ones.

At Kenya obituaries, the memorial pages are created by the commensurate subscribers. The subscribers are also treated as the memorial page administrators.

Once you have completed your registration and are signed into your account, follow these steps to create a memorial page:

  • Navigate the website’s top menu bar
  • Click on the “Memorials” icon
  • Fill the details of the loved one- name, dates and gender
  • Build the loved one’s life story with their biography, photographs, videos and milestones

Yes, you can share your Kenya Obituaries memories via email. The process is as simple as A, B, C

Here’s how to navigate around:

  • Login to your Kenya Obituaries account
  • Navigate to the Memorial you wish to share
  • Move to the header section of the memorial you want to be shared. You will see three icons to choose from. Select the @ icon to share the memorial page via email.
  • A pop-up window will appear
  • Key in the required details in the text boxes: your name, recipient email address(es), and an optional personal message
  • Select the + icon to enter more email addresses
  • Click on the Send Email button
  • You will get a notification that your email has been sent will appear under the Send Email button.

Note: Once you have successfully shared the memorial page via email, the pop-up window will remain open and all the text boxes will be empty.

Yes, you can share your Kenya Obituaries memorials to Facebook. The process isn’t as hectic as you may think.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Login to your Kenya Obituaries account
  • Go to the Memorial you wish to share
  • You will see three icons in the header section of the memorial you wish to share to choose from.
  • Select the F icon to share the memorial page to Facebook.
  • A Facebook pop up window will open.
    • You will be directed to log in to your Facebook account if you are not logged into
  • The preview of the memorial page will appear in the Facebook window.
  • Enter your caption text, and select your Facebook sharing options.
  • Once you select ‘Share on Facebook,’ the popup window will close and a link to your memorial will be posted on Facebook

If you are a Keeper Admin of a memorial page, follow the instructions below to upload images to a memorial page. If you are a guest on our site, click here for instructions on sharing an image to a memorial page.

  1. Navigate to the Memorial section of the memorial
  2. Click the +Add & Edit Memorial link near the bottom
  3. Drag & Drop your files or press Add Files to Browse files from your computer
  4. Click Upload
  5. Once images have successfully uploaded, you can add captions, crop or rotate images and change the privacy settings of each image

Image Specifications:

  • Maximum file size per image is 5MB.
  • Maximum image size is 5000px x 5000px.
  • We currently support the following image file types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif

Note: gifs will not appear animated)


  • You can upload many photos at a time in Memorials, and set different privacy settings for each
  • You can organize the photos in the Memorials sections by dragging and dropping images and videos to change the order in which they appear
  • Read our article on how to organize and collect family photographs!

Yes, you can create a family tree on your Kenya Obituaries memorial page.

Here’s how to create a family tree on your Kenya Obituaries page:

  • Log in to your Kenya Obituaries account
  • Move to the Family icon on your profile or the memorial profile you manage
  • You will see the ‘+’ symbol under each family member.
    • This allows you to add a family member
  • Fill in the details and remember to tick off whether they are deceased or not
  • If you are adding another administrator, they must accept your request to add them to your family tree

Note: Family members do not need to be current Keeper members to be added to your tree

It shouldn’t be an uphill task doing an edit of a family member on your Kenya Obituaries family tree.

Here’s the nine-step process to follow any time you want to do an edit of a family member on your Kenya Obituaries family tree:

  1. Log in to your Kenya Obituaries user account
  2. Navigate to the memorial you want to edit
  3. Move to the Family Icon
  4. Identify the family member you wish to edit
  5. Select the Edit pencil icon beside their name
  6. This will take you to the Edit a Family Member page
  7. On this page you can edit their name, dates, gender, and relationship
  8. On this page you can also add or edit their image that will appear on the Family Tree*
  9. Select Edit Family Member once you have completed your changes

Your Kenya Obituaries page grants you the opportunity to contact other subscribers within the Kenya Obituaries community. We believe that all our subscribers are member of a community called “Kenya Obituaries” and are joined by the same spirit of sharing their memorials about a departed soul.

Kenya Obituaries users can contact others within the Kenya Obituaries community network privately by following these steps:

  1. Go to the search bar on top of the website to find the community member you want to contact
  2. Click on the Message tab present on their profile
  3. Create the message you want to send them
  4. Hit the “send” button

Note: You can easily access your message inbox by clicking on the envelope icon on the top menu bar

The Kenya Obituaries website accords its users the rare opportunity to allow their family and friends to easily access the memorial fund they would wish to initiate donation programs in honour of the departed soul. In most cases, online donations come with a link.

Now, here’s how to add a memorial donation link on your Kenya Obituaries account

  1. Log into the Kenya Obituaries website
  2. Go to your loved one’s memorial
  3. On the memorial, hit the Edit Profile button
  4. Scroll down to the Memorial section
  5. You may add the name of the charity or foundation on the Memorial heading, you can add
  6. Copy & Paste the link for visitors to access

At Kenya Obituaries, we are aware that our users may need some moment to change their profile pictures to ensure that they rhyme with the prevailing situations.  This explains why our website allows you to upload new photographs or edit the ones you uploaded.

Here’s how to upload or change your profile picture on the Kenya Obituaries website:

  1. Log into your page on the Kenya Obituaries website
  2. Hit on the “Edit Picture” in the bubble at the profile picture
  3. Scroll down the page and hit the  “Choose a file”tab
  4. Select the photo you want to edit or upload
  5. Drag the box around your picture to crop and adjust size
  6. Click “Upload”

Voila! Your picture is done and you are good to go.

Yes, you can change or customize the link/URL to your memorial page. The process isn’t as hard as you may think.

Here’s how to modify the link associated to your profile, or a memorial page that you manage on Kenya Obituaries website:

  1. Log in to the Kenya Obituaries website
  2. Move  to the Memorials Page
  3. Click on Edit Profile
  4. Click on the Settings tab
  5. Scroll down to the URL settings section
  6. Click edit URL
  7. Once you are finished editing the URL, click Save Changes

You’re good to go!

Note: We are continually working to improve the Kenya Obituaries website

Kenya Obituaries on Mobile

Is your phone internet enabled? If “YES”, then you need not to worry. You will only need to type “Kenya Obituaries” on the search engine of choice then click the “Enter” button. The website should pop up on the search results with great ease.

We know how location matters when visiting a graveyard or other burial places particularly when dealing with a loved one who has just departed. At Kenya Obituaries, we work to ensure that the process remains as hustle free as we humanly can. Once a monument has been geotagged, anyone with the Kenya Obituaries Mobile App can be directed to the monument.

  1. Search for the memorial on the app
  2. Press the Directions button
  3. Google Maps will open up and provide exact directions.

Download our free Mobile app on Android or iOS.

When visiting a loved one at a cemetery, you can easily add a location by geotagging their monument without the Kenya Obituaries Mobile App on your mobile phone.

Here’s the procedure to follow any time you want to access your Kenya Obituaries page without using a mobile phone:

  1. Access Kenya Obituaries on your Desktop
  1. Navigate to the memorial you wish to set a location for
  2. Click Edit Profile and navigate to the Memorial section
  3. Add the name, location and plot number of the cemetery in the Locations field

The scan feature is one of the elements that makes our Kenya Obituaries website a special place for its subscribers. In essence, the scan feature will allow you to quickly see a profile by scanning a code on the Kenya Obituaries page. The Codes used on this platform are QR codes with the ability foraffixingany of the desired monument in a cemetery.

To scan an administrator or profile holder on the Kenya Obituaries website, you will only need to click on the Scan button on Kenya Obituaries Mobile, and follow the instructions! The website will automatically direct you to the memorial linked to the specified code.

Kenya Obituaries Virtual Funeral Services

There’re things you must include in a virtual funeral service attached to the Kenya Obituaries website. In essence, you will be assigned a Kenya Obituaries facilitator that takes the position of your concierge who will be there with you every step of the way.

They’ll guide you through the following processes:

  • Establishing the right words to say in the virtual service
  • hosting the video conference
  • Initiating the online event page creation
  • Sending invitations
  • Sending the required guest list management

The virtual memorial services offered on our Kenya Obituaries website include:

  • Eulogies
  • Image slideshows
  • Videos
  • Recitationsof poetry, religious texts, and other passages attributed to the memorial service.

The Kenya Obituaries virtual team will also work (upon request) to ensure that the virtual memorial service includes hands-on legacy activities like gardening, cooking or meditation.

Yes, Kenya Obituaries will include a virtual funeral service after you have created an online memorial. We have a team that is fully dedicated to offer virtual funeral service facilitation for families who would like a virtual funeral service to be created, planned, and conducted for them.

We make it a requirement for individuals and families who feel comfortable creating and conducting an online memorial or funeral service themselves may do so using our Kenya Obituaries Event Pages and live streaming functionality.

Yes, Kenya Obituaries allows for hands-on legacy activities.At Kenya Obituaries, we will ensure tat your funeral service facilitator has the opportunity to collaborate with you to create a personalized legacy project or activity for you and your participants during the online memorial service.

In essence, most of the legacy activities will be tailored towards honoring your loved one by participating in an activity that is reflective of them. The legacy activities organized by Kenya Obituaries may be active, collaborative, quiet, or reflective – you decide!

Some of the hands-on legacy operations that Kenya Obituaries may arrange for include gardening, yoga, meditation, cooking, and art.

At Kenya Obituaries, we treat a virtual funeral or virtual memorial with any of our subscribers in the form of an in-person activity.

However, our platform ensures that the virtual memorial/ funeral service is conducted online with family and friends participating virtually via video conference. Kenya Obituaries works with families to personalize each service so that their memorial is unique and meaningful.

Businesses And Organizations

Whether you are an individual, a business enterprise, a funeral home, a cemetery or an organization, Kenya Obituaries presents its business partners with a wide range of many to use its social online memorial platform to reach out to new or existing families, provide new services, enhance a business website, and more.

You may take advantage of the Kenya Obituaries platform to:

  • Create a Kenya Obituaries business/ organization page
  • Establish memorials for new and existing families
  • Display your Kenya Obituaries Memorials on your business or organization’s website
  • Use the Kenya Obituaries Mobile App to geotag entire cemeteries
  • Install a digital kiosk to display memorials

An organization page on our Kenya Obituaries website is a profile that is distinctly meant for subscribers that are classified as businesses or organizations. In essence, the Organizations Page will grant you the special opportunity to display information and promote your cemetery, funeral home, flower shop, grief services, monument company, etc. You can also create online memorials for your families.

Yes, you may join the Kenya Obituaries community as a celebrant, grief support counsellor or death midwife.

In the real sense, the move to join Kenya Obituariesgrants you the opportunity to promote your services and connect with others in your area and help families by allowing them to create interactive and lasting memorials that include memorial service details.

You will only need to create a Kenya Obituaries Business Page. We would love to have you as part of the Kenya Obituaries Community!

Yes, you can integrate the memories you shared with your loved ones on Kenya Obituaries.  At Kenya Obituaries, we make it easy to integrate our online memorials with your new or existing business website.

You may achieve this pursuit by easily implementingKenya Obituaries’ API or use our Plugin for any WordPress powered site. All your existing data can easily be imported to automatically created memorials. Kenya Obituaries can also link to most management systems.

Contact Us for more information

Yes, Kenya Obituaries offers mapping servicesfor funeral homes, cemeteries and memorial gardens.The Kenya Obituaries we will present you with beautiful and custom digital rendering of mausoleum or columbarium layouts.

Using our digital kiosk option, families can easily find their loved ones, and learn about the lives of every individual. The virtual map may also be utilized as a sales tool to display available and reserved plots.

Yes, Kenya Obituaries has a fully functional kiosk option on its website. The Kenya Obituaries’ Family Legacy Centre presents you with an interactive, online memorial and mapping station for cemeteries, mausoleums, and funeral homes.

Families on Kenya Obituaries can view & interact with online memorials, send tributes, share images & videos and easily find their loved one’s location within a cemetery. The virtual map can also be utilized as a sales tool to display available and reserved plots and niches. To find out how the Family Legacy Centre can work for your business, contact a Kenya Obituaries representative.

Yes, you can partner with us. Kenya Obituaries is a community that is proudly growing its number of partnerships to help serve families better. Please Contact Us  now to become a Kenya Obituaries partner.

At Kenya Obituaries, we know how important the memories of the key stakeholders in your organization are. Here’ how to create the Organization Page for your firm on our website:

  1. Click Sign Up on the top menu bar
  2. Select the Create a Kenya Obituaries Business Page option
  3. Fill out your organization’s information and customize the profile
  4. Start creating Online Memorials for your clients